The designs on the labels are Iberian, the Iberian civilisation is very important in the region because there are sites in the area which attest to the importance of this culture in introducing wine.

Wine consumption in the Requena-Utiel plateau is documented from 7 B.C., and the start of production in 6 B.C. At the Las Pilillas archaeological site, winepresses were excavated on large blocks of limestone, and next to these, wineries and storage areas were built, which are the first evidence of wine architecture. Wine production in the Requena-Utiel plateau began at Las Pilillas, giving rise to a wine culture which was alive during the antiquity and has continued until now, as an example of our culture and tradition. In the case of Rocha Candeal, it is a warrior with a boar’s head, and in the case of Manzán, it is a dog, these being the interpretations that this culture made in their day, using the means that they had to illustrate them. Our designer has used this ancient culture as the basis for illustrating the wines, to which he has added a symbology with information about the area and some modern colours to point out that, even if the vineyard and the cultivation methods are as before, the styles of the wines are a touch more modern.