These are wines that could be defined as single-vineyard wines, wines whose qualities are defined and confined to a specific and delimited environment; in this case Casa Lo Alto, a hill in Venta del Moro presenting very particular edaphological, historical and enological conditions and gives these wines their special character.

“The plot of land will be different, unique, and that differentiation is what we want to capture in a bottle of wine.”.


100% Garnacha


100% Tardana


100% Bobal


Finca Casa lo Alto is a traditional farmhouse with a winery dated back to 1796 located in a hill (lo alto) for which the place is named, in Venta del Moro in the Requena-Utiel region. The winery was acquired in 2017 by Bodegas Murviedro (Groupe Schenk).

It boasts 60 hectares of vineyards: Bobal, Grenache, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah and Chardonnay and there are 30 hectares of almond groves surrounded by 60 hectares of forest cover that makes it a truly unique place which also joined to the production system characterised by minimal intervention, gives these wines their special character.




Respect for the typicity of the soil and minimum intervention in the winery:

The cultivation management is respectful with the environment. We avoid the use of synthetic chemical products in order not to interfere with the meso and macrobiota of the soil in order to have a living soil that expresses the characteristics of the terroir.

The fertilizer is of the organic type of animal origin and biodynamic preparations in order to revitalize the soil and fill it with biodiversity. “The plot will be different, unique, and that differentiation is what we want to enclose in a bottle of wine.”

The elaboration system is of minimal intervention as long as it expresses only the characteristics of the place, using the elaboration and aging systems to obtain the possible typicity.